Friday, March 23, 2007

Wierd Al Would Be Proud

Growing up in Central Pennsylvania, it's not uncommon for me to have an Amish sighting. It's routine that I see horse and buggies riding up and down the road, and generally the Amish people are quiet, nice, and mind their own business. This fellow, however, might be spending some time away from the farm for a few weeks. Via

Referees halted a penalty-plagued ice hockey match that included a team of Plain adults Monday night when an Amish player allegedly pummeled a member of the officiating crew. Police in East Hempfield Township, called to the Regency Sportsrink on Ambassador Circle at 10:45 p.m., cited Emanuel Dienner, 20, with harassment after the on-ice brouhaha.

Dienner, allegedly punched referee Keith Allen more than a half-dozen times in the midst of a goal-line scuffle with 14 seconds left in a lopsided championship game.

The fight ended only when a player from the opposing team pulled Dienner off the ref.

Dienner was playing on a team made up of all Mennonites and Amish called the Phantoms, league officials told the New Era. He and some teammates became frustrated as the penalties for roughing and hooking — not to mention the score — mounted against them.

"The Amish can get upset at times," said Allen, 46, of Ephrata.

The five-year referee suffered a bruised nose and was nursing pain in his neck this morning. He was wearing a helmet and partial visor at the time and declined medical treatment.

"They were just frustrated," said the ref. "It was a championship game and they were losing. There were fans ejected."

Fans were ejected! Players punching the referees! What is this... European Soccer!?! Those darn Amish kids, they really need to learn to control their tempers!