Monday, March 24, 2008

UCLA Benefits From Another No Call

So... UCLA is up by 2 with Texas A&M attempting to tie the game in the closing seconds of Saturday Night's game. The shot was blocked and UCLA raced down the court, dunked the ball as time expired. Game over, all is well in Bruin Country. Take a look at this picture and decide for yourself whether or not it was a clean block...


Sports Tsar said...

oh man... this reminds me... if you want another recent example of a non-call in a fairly critical moment, check out derek fisher hacking stephen jackson at buzzer ending the 3rd quarter of sunday night's lakers-warriors game

fisher just walked away pretty much not believing no foul was called


MileHigh said...

There does seem to be a lot of bad officiating out there this year. But one of the better ones, Jim Burr, is nowhere to be found. He didn't do a first- or second-round game. He's fine because he was on the Ohio State-California NIT game on Monday. Is he banned by the NCAA or something?