Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Welcome Note

Welcome to Awful Officiating. We are in no way affiliated with our friends over at Awful Announcing, but I will thank them publically for the awesome job they do over there. We hope, but realize we will not even come close, to live up the standard they have set for so many bloggers out there. So, the real reason for AO is this: As much fun as these blogs are to read, I figured it must be just as fun to write. So, hopefully this will be as entertaining for you as it is for me.

Over here - we will focus on officiating, particularly awful officiating. How sometimes it is poor, downright pitiful, game changing, heck, in the case of Orlando Brown, even career changing. While we are not experts, and we realize that officials are mere human beings, we do hope to make you aware of certain calls, and/or controversies that cause millions of people pain and anguish. However, we will not limit ourselves to awful officiating. We will give credit where credit is due and even acknowledge the "jobs well done" out there. I'm sure we will miss things from time to time as there is no way we can watch every game out there. So feel free to give us a buzz at if you find something worthy of a post here at AO. Thanks and happy reading.