Monday, October 20, 2008

Chiefs Upset at Missed Field Goal Call

Read this over at PFT. The AP reported yesterday that the Chiefs were upset that a field goal was called "No Good" after the ball appeared to go directly over the uprights. By rule this play is unreviewable. Here's part of the AP report:

With the Chiefs trailing 10-0 early in the quarter, kicker Nick Novak thought he had curled a 49-field goal inside the left upright. But the officials standing up the goal posts ruled the kick no good, leading to boos from the fans in Arrowhead Stadium and arguments from the Chiefs.

Kansas City coach Herm Edwards threw the red replay flag to dispute the call, but was told by referee Gene Steratore that only field goals crossing below the top of the goal posts are reviewable. Television replays appeared to show the kick curl just inside the upright, but above the top of the post.

As PFT mentions... maybe it's time to raise the bar, and make the uprights stretch higher into the air.