Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kid Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

I don't know... maybe this kid wanted to take out the ref... maybe not. Just seems like too much of a coincidence. My guess, his dad hates ref's and this young guy wanted to make daddy proud.

Via KATU: (from Deadspin)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- A young child drove a golf cart onto a high school football field and hit a referee before the start of the game last week.

The incident happened before the Thurston and North Eugene high school football game Oct. 17.

Security camera footage captured the scene.

The golf cart emerges on the field and drives toward the unsuspecting official.

People can be seen chasing the golf cart across the field.

Afterward, people attend to both the referee and the child in the golf cart.

The child, who was not a Springfield School District student, did not intend to hit the referee but couldn't control the cart, said Jeff DeFranco with the school district.

Details are sparse at this time regarding why the child was on the cart or whether the referee suffered any injury.

DeFranco said a spectator told him the referee officiated the game after the incident.

Slow motion still camera video can also be seen by clicking on the link. It's actually quite humorous.

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