Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ref Tackles Player - Take 2

Here's another video of an official tackling a player. Although - this one, courtesy of hot clicks, appears to be accidental, and also very painful:

According to reports, the official ended up ok.

And lastly, unrelated, I want to take a minute and congratulate my buddy Ishy and his wife. They were blessed this morning with a brand new baby boy named Austin. Since Ishy has been a life-long Phillies fan, I figured this video, also courtesy of hot clicks, would be a preview of this to come in Austin's life.

Although... poor Austin will probably be about 25 when the Phils win their next championship.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, you are probably right. But that is what makes being a true fan so rewarding. Trudging through the tough years with the possibility of greatness at some point in time. We are still on a high, and I'm eager to defend the title. Bring on spring training!!