Thursday, May 3, 2007

Mavs/Warriors Live Blog - 2nd Quarter

28-25 Warriors. Stackhouse with 14 points to keep the Mavs alive through 1. It seems like every fan in the stands is wearing a yellow shirt that says we believe. I guess this would be called a yellow-out?

Dirk 0-4 in the 1st. There's the MVP candidate we know and love.

Baron Davis hamstring injury update: Taped him up. If they lose him - they're done. Simple as that.

Things have gotten pretty ungly starting the 2nd quarter. Baron Davis back on the bench and the crowd breaths a sigh of relief as Davis walks over to the scorers table. 29-29 9:46 to go 2nd quarter and now Stephen Jackson is down.

Davis clearly hobbling, and both teams are sloppy here early on. Drik still on the bench for the Mavs and Jason Terry gives the Warriors their first lead since 3-0.

Baron Davis shoots, the officials talk - basket is good and an inadvertant whistle. Tie game

With Davis' hamstring injury - could he be in store for one of those big games by a hurt player. Much like Jordan in the game where he was throwing up, and Willis Reed back in the 70's

What the heck? Brian Urlacher & David Ortiz were just in a commercial playing badmitten - endorsing a product called vitamin water. And Ortiz spiked the "birdie" and lodged it into his opponents knee! Hey look... here it is:

Celebrities in the house tonight: Snoop Dogg, Woody Harrelson, Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson all courtside for tonights game? Where's Jessica???

Refs just made a call the fans didn't like - and they started chanting Bull-S**t. Why do I get the feeling that Snoop and Woody got that chant started?

Another questionable call... and another mass cursing chant by the entire crowd.

Warriors up 1 as we head to commercial. 36-35 wich about 6 minutes to go 2nd quarter

Turnover Mavs and Davis misses a 3. Foul on Jackson on the other end, Josh Howard shooting free throws and the fans are booing again.

Tie game. Dirk still 0-5 from the field. Now no body is making threes, except of course Jerry Stackhouse who just drains an outside jumper

Davis drains a 3, and Kerr has to take back his statements about Baron Davis finally cooling off. Dirk goes over the back and then travels but somehow gets it back on top. Then Josh Howard drives... loses the ball, travels, gains full control of the ball shoots and drains it and the Mavs are up 1.

Davis again... for 3!! I'm waiting for the Marv Albert YES! Turnover Mavs

Jason Terry with an open layup after the Baron Davis turnover, and we're tied again. 44-44

Both teams look tense as we head to another time-out. Warriors need to relax and play their normal up and down quick shot basketball. Baron Davis being slowed up by his hamstring injury has not helped the pace of the Warriors. Time to get a snack during the timeout.

Dirk misses two straight 3's and is now 0-8 on the night. If the Mavs lose this game and Dirk doesn't turn it around in the 2nd half. Those are the headlines tomorrow no doubt.

And just like that Dirk keeps firing and hits a 15 footer, and Davis comes down on the other end and hits a leaner from beyond the 3 point line. 11 straight for Baron and with 7 seconds left Stackhouse drives the line and gets the roll. The Warriors take it down the other end and get the foul with 3.7 seconds. Warrios up 1 shooting 2.

Barnes makes the 1st.... misses the second. Dirk shoots a one shoe'd full court shot that misses wide left, and as Steve Kerr mentions - that didn't help out his shooting percentage any. Enjoy Halftime - I'm going to eat my pop-tarts.

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