Thursday, May 3, 2007

Warriors/Mavs 4th Quarter Live Blog

Maybe this is who Baron Davis is trying to look like?

Both teams trade two baskets and a minute and a half in and the Warriors still lead by 23. Offensive foul by Stackhouse.

Jackson has 7 threes - 28 points.

Kerr mentions that this crowd has been standing since halftime. If more NBA crowds were like this, I think the NBA would be much more entertaining. 92-69 Golden State and Davis misses a 3 which would have pretty much sealed it.

Warriors turn it over... the Warriors need to play like it's not a blowout and keep playing to score and score quickly.

Dallas pays them a favor and turns it over themselves.

GS gets 2 straight offensive rebounds and then Jackson takes it strong to the whole, draws the foul and gets the "YES!" out of Marv! What a night to be a Warriors fan. Clippers, Royals, Pirates, Arizona Cardinals fans - just hang in there - this could be you some day.

Think Don Nelson will smoke the cigar if he wins tonight? They might as well celebrate and pretend as if they won the championship... why not?

I guess the question on the table: How will the Warriors match up against the Rockets or the Jazz? I'm not all that excited about either - but I guess I'd continue rooting for Golden State. Honestly - I'm not a real big basketball fan - I probably won't watch much of the rest of the playoffs - unless the Suns/Warriors meet in the Western Conference Finals - That'd be like an All-Star game with all the up and down scoring.

I admit - I'm totally on the Warrior bandwagon - I'm a Laker fan, but I do think it's pretty hilarious to see Dallas and more importantly Mark Cuban go down, and go down miserably. Unlike Steve Kerr - I really don't feel bad for these Mavs.

After 2 flagrant foul free throws, Dallas cuts the lead back to 19. But this game has been over since mid way through the 3rd quarter.

WOW! Inside pass to Richardson who throws it down - turnover Dallas and Richardson hits a 3 and it's a 24 point lead!

WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! Think the fans believe now? I'd say so! They might just have enough momentum to ride all the way to the finals! This is unbelievable!

Well... it's pretty obvious this game is over. It's 1 A.M. my time. We have just witnessed a monumental upset and honestly - as much as I wanted to see a Mavs/Suns western conference final matchup - I couldn't be more happier to see this upset happen.

It's been fun live-blogging. Please give me any ideas/suggestions/hints/complaints/compliments... all feedback and/or comments are appreciated. I'm tired - 8 am is going to be here fast.


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