Thursday, May 3, 2007

Warriors/Mavs Live Blog

Starting a little late with this post - but with 7 minutes to go in the first half, I can tell this is going to be a classic - so I'm gonna try the live blog for the first time in the history of Awful Officiating. Here we go:

Golden State currently up 17-12 and after being down 3-0 went on a 12-0 run capped by an over the head dunk that erupted the crowd.

Stackhouse just hits his 3rd straight 3... he's on fire. Timeout Warriors. 19-15

Crowd is a little quieter as Josh Howard just drains a 3. Dallas has 18 points on 6 3-pointers

This crowd is so into it - this reminds me of a college game and the Warriors are a very exciting, very like-able Cinderella.

Dirk hits 2 free throws, their first non-3 pointer points - 21-20 with 4 minutes to go 1st quarter

Marv and Steve Kerr calling this game. I believe they were in Toronto last night - TNT is bringing the big guns tonight

This is worth mentioning... totally unrelated to this game. Before the game started on the pregame show. Charles Barkley was obviously upset that the Jazz beat the Rockets because now he can't go to the Boxing match on Saturday night. Kenny and Ernie were confused by this, and a bummed out Chuckster said this to his fellow studio mates: "I got a life... I'm not like you guys"

These two teams don't waste a lot of times. As we close out the first quarter - Monte Ellis drains a half court shot but it was after the buzzer went off. 28-25 after 1. 3 pointers going up from all over the place. Stackhouse is keeping the Mavs in this game.

Is the Geico caveman still funny?

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