Thursday, May 3, 2007

Warriors/Mavs 3rd Quarter

There is not a better pre-game, halftime, postgame crew then Ernie, Kenny, and Charles. These guys never fail to crack me up.

Warriors up 2 as we start the 3rd. Dirk 1-10 from the floor. I'm expecting a big second half from him and also Baron Davis. This is like a boxing match - expect the big guys to come out swinging especially as we get into the 4th quarter. Either way, this is setting itself up to be an exciting 2nd half.

Pam Oliver on the sidelines tonight reporting. Has anyone seen Joe Buck?

Teams trading baskets here to start the 2nd half. Warriors up 4.

Josh Howard steps up and puts in another bucket. Baron Davis feeds the surfer looking white guy for 2. Don't know his name, but he looks like he belongs on a surf board.

Jackson drains a wide open 3. Go up by 5. Crowd is back into it!

Dirk misses another 3, A Warrior saves it out of bounds, Davis is fouled - Warriors ball and Jackson hits another wide open 3!!! Crowd erupts as Dallas calls a timeout! Pandemonium in Oakland! These folks haven't had this much to cheer about since the Bash Brothers were sticking needles in each other back in the late 80's. Yes... I'm talking about Walt Weiss and Carney Lansford.

Uh oh.. I can't watch. Sublyminal advertising! AH... Eyes closed... I can't not watch - ok I need a Sprite. They got me! Darnit!

I'm sick of these Closer promotions during the TNT broadcasts.

Josh Howard misses an open 3, and I'm sure Mark Cuban needs an exta stick of Right Guard about right now.

Howard misses another - Dirk with the offensive board and Howard gets a second chance and puts in the 3 pointer.

Whistle on the other end... defensive 3 seconds. Techical foul and action Jackson puts in the free throw. 63-57 Warriors

Jackson puts in another 3!

Mavs miss and on the other end Jackson hits yet ANOTHER 3!!! The place is going crazy again! How amazing it must be to really be a Warriors fan! Stephen Jackson has scored 13 straight points. Unbelievable.

Marv tells us that this is the largest crowd ever to witness a basketball game in the state of California. Wow... Wouldn't have guessed that with the Clippers also playing in California.

Davis again dishes to surfer man, and he's fouled and almost makes it - crowd loves this - his free throws are an adventure - he almost air balled that one. Misses both.

Warriors defense his swarming as the crowd chants D-Fence! Stackhouse 3 goes in and out... teams exchange misses on both ends. Davis drives leans puts it up and in and the Warriors are up by 14 and the crowd is going nuts! Another turnover by the Mavs and the Warriors are slowing it down - the crowd hasn't sat in minutes.

OHH Davis is fouled hard by Crosere, and Davis almost retaliated and threw a punch but he held back. What emotion! Davis is smiling now as he talks to the ref even though double technicals were called.

Avery Johnson is looking at some paper - probably looking for answers - his team is completely lost. Cuban doesn't look happy as he looks on - he basically looks stunned. Davis knocks down both shots and the Warriors are on an 11-0 run to go up by 16. Another turnover by the Mavs and another foul by the Mavs and the Mavs look finished.

Jackson makes 2 free throws. 18 point lead for Golden State and I imagine they are going to be partying pretty hard tonight in Oakland. Here on the east coast it is 12:30 and this part time blogger is starting to feel the effects of 5 hours of sleep the last couple nights.

By the way - is anyone frustrated with the fact that the guys over at have been gone for almost 2 weeks now? Their substitutes have been horrible, not that I would do any better, but seriously I don't see how or why all 4 of them would go on vacation at the same time... and for 2 weeks? Ridiculous. I miss those guys!

Back to the action... crowd chanting "Let's go Warriors" as we come back from commercial.

25-9 3rd quarter scoring in favor of Golden State, still no sign of Dirk. I'm waiting for the crowd to start mock chanting "MVP" at Dirk!

Another Dallas foul and Davis goes back to the line to shoot 2. The crowd is legitimately chanting MVP now as Davis knocks down the first. 2nd one in and out, and the crowd hates it - 20,000 go AWE!

Stackhouse steps out of bounds - another turnover. Surfer guy makes a free throw and the crowd goes crazy! Makes the 2nd! Line drive shots nothing but back rim down through the net. Another Dallas miss and Golden State up by 21 with 3 minutes to go. WOW!

OOHHH! Barnes just POSTERIZED Dirk! One handed tomahawk dunk on Dirk!!!

Dirk can only save his image here by scoring 30 points in the 4th quarter and leading his team to the greatest comeback in history. Anything less - and he's another A-Rod.

This isn't even really a game. Mavs are being out played on both ends of the court. Warriors are just sticking it to them. 23 point lead, 32-11 3rd quarter score. Harris to shoot 2 for Dallas. Misses the first. Makes the 2nd - 22 point lead for the Warriors.

Davis misses a 3 and Harris hits a 3 to bring it back to teenage digits.

Just like that - Davis drives and throws it up over Dirk off the glass and in. Still no Dirk - I don't even remember the last shot he took. It's tough live-bloggin Warrior games - they are up and down so fast. If I look up at the TV - 3 possessions happen before I can even think about what to type about. They are so entertaining, and the fact they are such underdogs makes them so much more intriguing. Marv and Kerr just announce that Dirk took 1 shot in the 3rd quarter and Golden State is up by 23 and are 12 minutes from pulling off perhaps the greatest upset in NBA history. Unbelievable... to the 4th quarter we head.


Anonymous said...

just got my 'WE BELIEVE' GOLDEN STATE OF MIND t-shirt!

jjc58 said...

"Surfer looking dude" ain't white...he's Latvian.