Monday, April 7, 2008

"F" - Bombs

Kobe Bryant, who is one technical foul away from receiving a free day off, has come up with a new routine to avoid those pesky T's. Via

Bryant has held his tongue, walked the other way or used another, more confusing means to voice his frustrations to officials. “I just cuss them out really bad in Serbian,” Bryant joked.

Bryant said he has learned how to swear in the native languages of teammates Vladimir Radmanovic (Serbia), Sasha Vujacic (Slovenia) and Ronny Turiaf (France). “I’ve been cursing in French. French is really cool, because everything sounds good in French.” . .

This technique, however, could come back to haunt him during this summers Olympic games...

Speaking of F-Bomb's... during last nights ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Game, Jeff Kellogg was the home plate umpire - when all of a sudden a fast ball whacked him straight in the middle of his forehead. Thankfully he was wearing his mask, but that didn't stop him for letting us all know how he felt about it. Head over to AwfulAnnouncing to check out the video clip.

And finally... anyone that watched Saturday's FOX telecast of Mets vs Braves saw a horrible call which resulted in a 10 minute delay. Mets had the bases loaded with 1 out when Braves centerfielder Mark Kotsay trapped a ball hit off the bat of Jose Reyes. The trap was ruled a catch and Kotsay threw to the cut off man, who then threw to 2nd base to double off Angel Pagan who was already rounding 3rd once he saw the ball hit the ground. The Mets erupted, and Willie came out to argue. The umps got together - eventually got the call right and ordered the Braves back onto the field. This of course didn't please Bobby Cox who then began arguing. I don't recall if it was on this play or a pitch a few innings later, but Fox had the camera on Cox in the dugout when he began unleashing about 4 or 5 F-Bombs. There was no mic, but there was also no doubt about what was coming out of his mouth.

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