Monday, April 14, 2008

Controversial Call Help The Cavs Win In Philly

Tonight in Philly... As time expired, the 76ers celebrated and left the court as they thought they had just beat the Cavs by 1 point. However, the refs went to the booth and reviewed the play to see if there was time on the clock when a foul was committed. From

The Sixers appeared to have won after Lou Williams hit a fadeaway jumper with 5.1 seconds left - his second go-ahead basket in the final minute.

Instead, Brown was fouled by Samuel Dalembert with only a couple of ticks left. The Sixers thought the game was over and ran off the court, while the refs huddled at midcourt to look at the replay. The Cavaliers stayed on the bench, with some peeking over and hoping to hear the decision.

After the play was reviewed for a few minutes, Dalembert was hit with his sixth foul. The Sixers had to come back and watch Brown stun them for the controversial win.

Via Sixers Journal:

That game was over ... The ref waived his arms and the the game was over. How in the heck can you go back to a replay to determine if they called a foul. On the post game show they defended the ref for making a foul call with 0.2 second left on the clock. I don't care! You don't make that kind of frickin' call at the end of a game.

That was to most bush league thing I have ever witnessed!
I could not stop screaming at my television set! Mo Cheeks and the Sixers took the high road. The refs made a call and they move on. The 76ers lose 91-90 to the LeBrons and are now locked into the 7th playoff seed and a match-up with the Detroit Pistons.

Now listen, I'm all for instant replay in sports. But I think what happened tonight in Philly is going a little overboard. I'm sure the Cavs are happy but if I'm a Sixers fan tonight - I'm pretty bitter with how this game ended.

That's two days in a row where the city of Philly was shafted by a controversial call. No wonder they're so miserable.

Update: After watching the highlights of this game, I now know the refs were not reviewing to see if there was a foul - they were reviewing the video to see if there was still time on the clock when a foul was called. The thing is, there was a foul before the clock showed all zero's, and the refs went to video evidence to see if it was called before or after the final buzzer. Dalembert knew he committed a foul - you could see it in his body language. The end result is that the Sixers feel they got screwed, but it's just bad luck. Who knows... with the playoffs right around the corner, maybe they can use this as something to rally around, and who knows... pull a first round upset of the Pistons.