Monday, April 14, 2008

Umps Blow HR Call in Phillies/Cubs Game


DeRosa got a home run that wasn't. In the sixth, he lined the ball to left and it definitely cleared the fence. The question was whether it was fair. The fans in the left-field corner at Citizens Bank Park thought the ball went outside the foul pole as did Phillies left fielder Pat Burrell, third baseman Pedro Feliz and manager Charlie Manuel. Manuel argued the longest, and was ejected.

Even Lou Pinella couldn't believe it...

"I thought it was fair," Cubs manager Lou Piniella said. "You're asking the wrong guy. It looked fair to me. All I needed was to see the umpire's finger pointing. That was enough for me."

Piniella then asked the media what the television replay showed. The ball looked foul.

"It was foul? You mean, the umpires were wrong?" said Piniella, sarcastically. "It looked fair to me. It really, really did. I thought it had hooked around the pole.

"The umpire was in a really good position to call the play," Piniella said. "Obviously, so was Charlie Manuel. When Charlie gets mad, he doesn't look mad. I get a kick out of that -- not that Charlie got kicked out."

Instant Replay anyone? At least on HR calls?? Can you imagine if this is a playoff game?

... Just saying

Phils went on to lose 6-5 in 10 innings.


donspilgrimmage said...

I saw that home run and I am the biggest Cub fan in the world. It was foul in spite of what I would have wished. God has returned the favor, though. Since then, the Cubs have not been able to win a close game. They have dropped 3 straight series' (2 of 3) while outscoring each of the opponents. Drop 2 close ones, win big in the middle ... ugh!

Anonymous said...

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