Thursday, April 10, 2008

Playoff Hockey is Here...

Now Hockey is exciting. I didn't get to watch it, because it wasn't on TV. (Why? I wish I knew)... but the game of the night last night was clearly the Avalanche at the Wild. While the Avs won the game in OT, Avs fans still feel the need to complain about the officiating. Via milehighhockey:

Let's be honest here. Officiating is a tough job, and mistakes are bound to be made. Complaining about bad calls as an excuse for why your team won/lost/died on the ice is never worth the effort, and indicative of a weak constitution. But, all that said, the officials last night were so unbelievably biased it defies belief. Brent Burns took run after run at Peter Forsberg, Jose Theodore took a blatant knee to the head, and Mikko Koivu decided to cuddle with Theo for a good ten seconds after being pushed on top of him during the second period. The refs called none of it. In the first period, Andrew Brunette put a legal, standing hit on Eric Belanger and he got called for boarding. Belanger didn't even fall down. It was ridiculous all night long.

But, like I said, complaining about the refs is like complaining about the weather. What difference will it make?

Game 2 is Friday night. It will probably not be on TV too.

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