Monday, February 18, 2008

6th Grade Girls Coach Assults Ref...

You know... when I was in high school, I went to a small school where the middle school and the high school were in the same building, and we shared the same gym. I remember the Jr Hi girls coaches always being very competitive guys, but also a little on the strange side. There's gotta be no lower level of coaching than 6th grade girls basketball. Maybe that's one reason why this guy is so upset:

Police arrested a 6th grade girl’s basketball coach after a disturbance at a game in Estacada on Saturday afternoon.

Police said the incident started when the Molalla girl’s coach, 34-year-old Jeffery Scott Larsen, was ejected from the game.

Witnesses told police that a 6th-grade girl was cut on the hand when the coach slammed down his clipboard and stormed off.

Instead of leaving the court, Larsen stood in the corner of the gym and began to verbally harass Houston Webb, the 17-year-old referee, police said.

At the end of the game, witnesses told police that Coach Larsen stormed back onto the basketball court, grabbed the teen referee, menacingly cocked his arm back with a clenched fist and used profanity.

Estacada Junior High School principal Kevin Olds told police there were an estimated 75 parents and children in attendance who witnessed this event. Olds said many of the girls were frightened and cried.

Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies arrested Coach Larsen at his home in Molalla on Sunday morning. He was cited for a Class C Misdemeanor for criminally trespassing at a sporting event and was cooperative with police.

A little strangle hold to the throat, and he's upset about it - this kid will never make it to the college level.

Here's the Video: