Monday, February 4, 2008

Mike Carey - Ref Grade

I said a few weeks back that I thought Mike Carey was a great official, and all he did last night was back up that statement. He and his crew were on top of their game last night, and there were only a few minor calls that were either missed or called wrong. While breaking down the officials over at fanhouse, MDS said this:

"Unlike many big games of this NFL season, people aren't talking about the officials today. Referee Mike Carey and his crew had a good game, and they deserve a lot of credit today.

Yes, some will nitpick individual calls. Giants receiver Amani Toomer maybe should have been called for offensive pass interference on his 38-yard catch in the second quarter. The Patriots shouldn't have had to challenge the Giants' 12 men on the field penalty; that was a call that the official on the sideline should have seen. Carey seemed awfully quick on the draw to call a delay of game penalty against the Giants."

The biggest missed call in my opinion, was the push off by Toomer. That play was followed up though by an Eli Manning interception a few plays later so it didn't really matter.

Another call that could be questioned was the fumble that appeared to be recovered by the Patriots, but then Ahmad Bradshaw overturned the Pats defender and literally stripped the ball out of his hand. But I can understand the officials having to give that to the Giants after clearing up the pile and finding that a Giants player has the ball. That's just strength against strength and Bradshaw won that battle.

Bottom line - as MDS said - we're not talking about the officials today, and for Carey and crew... that's a win!

Penalties for the game:
Giants (4-36)
Patriots (5-35)

I'd say a fair game for sure! I give them an A (not a plus, but not a minus, a solid A)


MileHigh said...

Most definitely an A. We're not talking about them. Except for the offensive PI that wasn't called, they let the teams play. Which is what you want. And they were on top of the illegal batted ball. Solid game all around. We're talking about the Giants winning and the Patriots losing -- not the refs, like we did two years ago with Steelers-Seahawks.

How do you do said...

The refs were very good. As a Giants fan I though they got a few breaks that were listed in the article, plus Strahan caused a lineman to move which they called on the lineman. Originally I thought a brady pass from his endzone at the end of the 3rd qtr was intentional grounding, but when i watched the game again I saw it was tipped.