Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Ref @ Duke/UNC Game

Rebecca Lobo just interviewed Boris Cheek during the UNC vs Duke women's basketball game. You may ask... who the heck is Boris Cheek? Well, he happens to be the father of one of the Duke players, but he also happens to have been the Field Judge during Super Bowl 42. One of the questions Lobo chose to ask was about the great play that Eli Manning made to Tyree. To summerize: She asked Cheek if he thought the play should have been blown dead when the SuperMangician was almost sacked. Cheek responded by saying he thought Mike Carey showed great composure and poise by not blowing his whistle and allowing the play to go on. I completely agree! Imagine what we would have missed if the whistle is blown and Eli breaks free! Mike Carey should definitely be commended for not blowing his whistle there and I'm thankful that Cheek just took the opportunity to do that.

As for the question, I heard them talking about this on Mike and Mike (they weren't criticizing, just mentioning) and now Lobo chooses to ask this question. I can't even imagine why people would even question that call. Even though another guy said no one would have been surprised if referee Mike Carey blew the whistle and ruled an in-the-grasp sack. NO ONE?!? I for one would have been shocked, and I can't imagine the reaction from true Giant fans. If Carey whistles that play dead, today we would all have been talking about that blown call.

Speaking of calls... During his judgements column on CBSsportsline. Clark Judge gives the Worst Call award to the Red Hooded Rule Corrupter.

It's Belichick again, this time on a fourth-and-13 at the Giants' 31, with just under seven minutes left in the third quarter. Logic says you call for the field goal. Only Belichick didn't. Instead he keeps his offense on the field, and Tom Brady threw the ball out of bounds.

Wait a minute, didn't Belichick remember that it was a call just like that -- fourth-and-11 from the 30, to be exact -- that cost Marty Schottenheimer in last year's playoff loss to ... New England? Are you going to tell me that Stephen Gostkowski can't kick a 48-yard field goal indoors? Please. If that's the case, the Patriots should find themselves another kicker.

I looked at my friend when the Pats decided to go for it and wondered why they didn't at least attempt a field goal. That is one of those calls that if they make it, it's a "gutsy" move, but under those circumstances, they have to without a doubt at least attempt a field goal there. That's what being 18-0 will do to you... it gives you the false impression that you are invincible.