Friday, February 15, 2008

Any NFL Teams Need A Kicker?

From Thursday night's Rutgers / WVU basketball game:

Rutgers head coach Fred Hill was visibly frustrated for much of the night, which is understandable given his team's performance. How bad of a night was it for the second-year RU head man? After a travel was called on J.R. Inman in the second half, Hill kicked the scorer's table adjacent to the Rutgers bench. Mind you he wasn't upset at the call, which was caught not only by all three officials but also by the 7,826 associate referees in attendance. Hill was simply frustrated with yet another Scarlet Knights error, and took out his frustration on the scorer's table.

The "kick heard 'round the Coliseum" caught the attention of official Doug Shows, who immediately assessed Hill with a technical foul. The kick was strong enough to knock the Rutgers radio broadcast off the air.

Boy... That's one powerful boot!

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