Monday, February 11, 2008

Georgetown Wins Another on Bad Call

I didn't watch this game and as of now I have no first hand account as to what happened - but when ESPN says "controversial" before going to commercial when talking about the highlights that are coming up - you just know they're going to mention the refs. Over at the fanhouse - Charles Rich described the final seconds like this:

Scottie Reynolds [Villanova Guard] took the ball on the inbounds and tried to go to the basket. Jerimiah Rivers stayed right with him. Playing great defense, and Rivers blocked the attempt as Reynolds tried to launch a shot and draw a foul. The refs ignored any contact and properly let the play go. There was no clear advantage and this is the Big East where physical play is expected.

The ball hit the floor and bodies were all over the place and each other going for the ball. No calls. It finally went to Georgetown's Jonathan Wallace near the baseline with just over 3 seconds left.

Wallace started down one of the line, and Villanova guard Corey Stokes moved with him to prevent him to launch a heave before time expired. Wallace got past him, with the barest contact and the refs whistled a foul with 0.1 seconds on the clock.

I should mention that Wallace was over 70 feet from his own basket when he was brushed up against. Of course, Wallace would sink both free throws - ball game over. Georgetown is now 2-0 on controversial finishes this year. They are ranked #8 in the country and still #1 in the Big East.

Update: Wow! I just saw the replay on ESPN - and absolutely ridiculous. So unfair for Villanova. Played their hearts out on the road - and despite having an awful 2nd half were still in the game - and then lose the game like that. Please referees - put your whistle in your pockets unless the foul is legitimate. This call was flat out wrong and that official should be reprimanded for that call.

According to - there were 48 fouls called during this game. Over 1 per minute. Double WOW!

Update 2: I was listening to Steve Czaban this morning on Fox Sports Radio. They were talking about this play, and "The Czabe" said that he thought the referee should be "Richard Zednik'd". I don't know about you - but maybe it's just a little too early to be saying that.

Here's video of the play:

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