Friday, February 16, 2007

Amazing... Bob Knight isn't too fond of officials

Via FoxSports:

Texas Tech coach Bob Knight was reprimanded by the Big 12 Conference for comments about officiating in a double-overtime loss at Oklahoma State.

After Saturday's 93-91 defeat, Knight said a call on a charge was "horrendous" and "maybe as bad a call as I've ever seen."
Knight's statement violated the Big 12's principle and standards of sportsmanship, which prohibit coaches from commenting critically in public about officials, the conference said. The rule "goes for coaches, players, administrators, everyone," Big 12 spokesman Rob Carolla said Thursday.

So, Bob Knight has been reprimanded. What does that mean? Is that basically a slap on the wrist? "Please Robert, don't criticize our officials. Thank you." Last time I was pulled over and given a warning for driving too fast, that slowed me down for about 2 days. The fact remains, if an official blows a call that upsets a coach, the coach's responsibility to the team should be to at least have the right to say something about it. What's your opinion on the rule that prohibits coaches from commenting critically in public about officials? I understand players shouldn't be able to, but should coaches be allowed to complain publically about officiating? Where do you draw the line?

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Mini Me said...

I love Bobby Knight. If I were a college basketball player I would love to play for him.