Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Well... It's about time

Personally, I have seen this video clip probably 20 times, and I still can't believe that this really happened.

Pac10 officials are doing their best to make sure it doesn't happen again.


"The Pacific-10 Conference official who missed a call during the Oklahoma-Oregon game last season has been told he will not return to the job in that capacity.

Gordon Riese said he received death threats after a call on an onside kick near the end of the Sept. 16 game that the Ducks won 34-33. Televised replays showed the Sooners recovered that kick, but Riese did not see that angle in the replay booth.

Conference officials informed Riese last week that he was relieved of his replay duties. He will remain a Pac-10 technical assistant, making about $350 a game.

Riese, who took a leave of absence for the season after the game at Autzen Stadium, told The Oregonian newspaper that his doctors had advised him not to return to the job, anyway."

Seriously.... His doctors advised him not to return to the job? Because of death threats?

In reality, Riese seems like a good guy and probably does deserve an apology from the crazed Sooner fans who made the death threats. After all, the man is human. But I remember my buddy and I were watching this game, and we were amazed at how the events in that game played out. I really felt bad for Bob Stoops and the rest of the Oklahoma team. Considering all the details, I honestly feel like the Pac10 had no choice but to make sure this guy wasn't put in that situation again. It's ashame he had to be "relieved" of his job... why didn't he just step down?

Interesting notes... according to wikipedia, Mr Riese "was the line judge during the 1982 Stanford-California game when "The Play" helped California win, 25-20. He later worked as a referee in the Pac-10 and was the head of the officiating crew that worked the first Bowl Championship Series championship game, the Fiesta Bowl between Florida State and Tennessee on January 4, 1999. His final game on the field came on January 1, 2005 at the Fiesta Bowl between Pitt and Utah."


Mini Me said...

If I were a Sooner I could never get over this game. It is absurd how a ref could screw this one up so badly, with the use of replays. This really hurt Oklahoma's season. If they had won this game, who knows maybe the momentum allows them to beat UT.

BSC said...

I was there that day, and yes, it was incredibly difficult. Much, much more difficult to deal with than getting beat on oddball plays by Boise.

There's still more out there that we'll probaably never know - everyone not named Gordon Riese basically swears that he got all the views and replays ABC viewers had, but Riese vehemently denies it. Who's lying, and why?

Not that it matters, but I'd like to know what was happening behind the scenes.

- b said...

Man, I still remember flipping the game on at the end, and not really realizing what was going on. There was so much confusion at the end of that game, and if I recall correctly, that wasn't even the first blown call in the game. The talking heads would later say that Oklahoma should never have let the Ducks get that close to begin with, but since that game, I've wondered what the repercussions really were. Maybe OU playing OSU in the BCS championship game? Who knows...

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