Monday, February 26, 2007

Out of town:

Hello folks. Since Friday afternoon, I left the good 'ol United States and headed for a country in Europe called Slovakia. This is a beautiful country and today it snowed about 3 inches. I am in a small town called Zvadka visiting my girlfriend who is spending a year here for missions and eduation. I will be returning on Sunday Night, so unless you guys are interested in the officials at the hockey game I will be attending, there probably won't be must posted here this week. However, reader Ben has been added to the contributor list, so we'll see if he can throw something together in the meantime to keep you entertained.

Before I go, I must say that the employees in Washington Dulles Airport really have some issues. As my dad and I sat down to grab a quick bite to eat, my mineral water was knocked over and a few drops (literally) got on a United Airlines employee's pants. Apparently, this gentleman was not having a good day, because he unleashed on me like I had just wrung him up on called strike three and he didn't quite agree with the call. What did I do upon hearing this son of a bang, son of a boom outbreak? Well, like any normal person would do, I immediately started laughing. This guy must be joking right? No. He was demanding that I give him $15 to get his pants dry cleaned. So my dad, trying to prevent a major scene, pulls out his wallet to give the man some money. I said, dad - we're not giving this man any money. Listen sir, this is water, you're going to be ok. Finally I started ignoring him and he was still mumbling things under his breath that I neither heard, or cared about. As I got up to leave, I said - sir - would it make you feel better if I gave you $20? He said, I don't want your money - just an apology. He said he was upset most because I was laughing. Still, thinking this was the most ridiculous thing I had witnessed in sometime, apologized to the guy, shook his hand, and pat him on the back because you know... I'm a good guy.

Ya'll have a good week... Keep on keeping on.