Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How to get a Technical Foul:

Since we're discussing technical fouls, how bout a history lesson...

According to the NCAA Basketball 2007 Men's and Women's Rules and Interpretations, direct technical fouls for unsporting conduct may be called on bench personnel for, among other things:

Disrespectfully addressing an official

Attempting to influence an official's decision

Using profanity or language that is abusive, vulgar or obscene

Taunting or baiting an opponent

Climbing on or lifting a teammate to secure greater height

Knowingly attempting a free throw to which he or she is not entitled

Inciting undesirable crowd reactions

Using tobacco

And well... this one: Delaying a game by preventing the ball from being promptly made live. This recently happened in a small mid major game. I'll just let MJD do the explaining:

Bowling Green leads 77-75, and the final buzzer sounds. Bowling Green leaves the court with their win.

The referess then take another look at thing, review the tape, and determine that 0.6 seconds remain in the game. Bowling Green is already in the locker room, while Buffalo has yet to leave the court.

A ref goes to get Bowling Green to come back and finish the game, but they don't come with him. A little bit of time passes, and they come back.

A ref calls a technical foul on them.

So with .6 seconds remaining, Buffalo shoots their two technical free throws, and ties the game at 77. It goes to overtime, where, of course, Bowling Green loses.

Wow.... hilariously ridiculous!

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