Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Isiah Lord Thomas III could use a vacation


"Isiah Thomas is still so disturbed by two technical fouls called against the Knicks in Saturday's devastating overtime defeat in Utah that he's sending a tape of both plays to the NBA office."-- New York Post

I personally did not watch the game, nor saw the plays in question. I guess by sending in the video, The Baby-faced Assassin is simply trying to make a point to the league office that his team, like the father in the verizon commercial, got hosed. Not a bad move though if he's right. Considering he has video evidence, I'll assume he is. That will, at any rate, perhaps make officials think twice before calling technicals during the next Knicks game. Little things like this could go a long way to determine why many believe Isiah could possibly walk away with the coach of the year. You have to admit, he has exceeded (by a lot) all expectations anyone had for him.

Apparently, Isiah wasn't very happy how the game ended either. Via USA Today:

"New York coach Isiah Thomas went to midcourt after the buzzer and complained that Crawford was fouled on a shot at the buzzer that was waved off, but the game was over."

After the game, when speaking to reporters, Isiah didn't have much to say: "Hey, this is going to be real quick, fellas," Thomas said. "I have absolutely no comment on tonight's game."

Sounds to me like Zeke needs a break... good thing he'll get one this week. First things first though - lose to the Lakers. I know Kobe wants revenge for being shut out of the last LA vs NY showdown. I will be watching tonight's game - I'll keep my ears open for any follow up news on this situation. Also, I'll be tracking how many technicals are handed out for tonight's game. For some reason, I am really hoping Isiah gets the double T ejection early on in this game.

update: Knicks first technical comes with 2:08 to go in the 1st half... Q. Richardson. That causes MSG announcer Mike Breen to bring up the fact that Isiah sent the tapes to the NBA office and that "that is a battle you're just not going to win". Color man Clyde Frazier agrees. Side note: Kenny "The Jet" Smith is also sitting in as a 3rd color man for this game. You think he's bad on TNT, he's much worse when he's on the court.

update2: Knicks win in dramatic fashion, this should help Isiah sleep a little better. No controversy, but a rather exciting game to watch. Not sure if anyone watched the UNC game, but they lost by 1 last night as well in a very similar situation: Down by one, at home, with a chance to win... and the game winning shot is blocked - a disappointing night if you're a fan of either, or worse... both. (like me!)

Oh... and just for fun... because I love this commercial:


Mini Me said...

A couple of things. First, that commercial is amazing. It would be better though if the dad went "I got hoes. Then two hot prostitutes entered and he put his arm around their shoulders and left the room. Second, I enjoy watching this Knicks team as well as Isiah coaching it. After the debacle with Larry Brown last year, who didn't even seem like he cared at times, I am glad Isiah is so dedicated and passionate about this job. Sending in the tapes is a great idea. I know Mark Cuban does this all the time.

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