Thursday, April 19, 2007

Doug Eddings thinks that David Wells eats to much

After being ejected from the game, David Wells had some interesting things to say about umpire Doug Eddings.

As seen at the fanhouse:

the umpire "rubbed his belly" as if to call Wells "fat."

Said Wells: "I thought (Thompson's) foot was on (the bag). Replay shows it did and that's where the frustration comes out ... I understand they're trying to do their job as well. You get riled up. I got riled up. I said, 'You didn't miss one, you missed two.' Things started heating up and he was over there chirping and chirping and he tossed me out. Then he made a gesture ... that to me is stepping over the line. I take it personally."

"That's false. I would never ..." Eddings told the Associated Press.

First of all, David Wells should expect people to call him fat, secondly... Maybe DW should contact Angel fans and invest in one of these shirts:

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