Monday, April 23, 2007

NBA Weekend Roundup:

Over the weekend, the first round of the NBA's marathon playoff season began. Here are a few of the officiating issues being discussed:

Shaq was not happy about the officiating... via fanhouse:

"My intention was to come out and be myself, until Eddie Rush derailed me," O'Neal said after fouling out.

He accused the Bulls of flopping and said they had "a lot of help out there."

Apparently Shaq wasn't paying attention last year when the Heat seemed to be getting all the calls.

Did Tim Duncan and the Spurs get shafted by the refs sticking up for the buddy Joey Crawford?

Winning the turnover battle has the recap:

-The Spurs averaged 24.1 FTA per game during the regular season.
-In Game 1, the Spurs shot only 10 FTs, including only 6 in the first 44 minutes of the contest
-The Spurs lowest number of FTAs during the regular season: 11
-The Spurs' opponents averaged 21.2 PFs during the regular season
-In Game 1, the Nuggets were called for 13 PFs
-In the two team's three regular season games the Spurs had 21,21, and 27 FTA respectively, and the Nuggets were called for 21,19, and 24 PFs respectively.

Sure, this is only game 1... and due to the NBA's draaawn out playoff schedule, we will have to wait until Wednesday night to see if this continues for the rest of the series.