Thursday, April 12, 2007

Um.... yeah, I'll take the screwball, hold the onions please

Remember Mark Mallory? The Cincinnati mayor who became famous last week when he almost took off the head of the umpire who was standing in front of the dugout during the ceromonial first pitch on opening day? Of course you do, the video has been plastered all over the web and he tried redeeming himself by going on Jimmy Kimmel live, which didn't go so well either. Well, now fans in "The Blue Chip City" will be able to pay tribute to their humble mayor each and every time they visit Izzy's deli... by ordering the soon to be famous Mark Mallory Screwball.

via comcast:

The ingredients for the sandwich at Izzy's deli will be "any two meats tossed in the general direction of a bun or two pieces of bread." The Screwball will be served with a potato pancake and pickles for $7.75.

"This is wonderful," Mallory said Monday. "Who wouldn't want a sandwich named for them?"

"There's so much negativity that you hear about the city of Cincinnati all the time," said John Geisen, president of Izzy's, which is a block from City Hall. "But the mayor has brought some fun to it. So we wanted to, too."

The Bengals, Mayor Mallory, Shrutebag's comments on the city... man, things haven't been going so well for this city recently. But hey, at least they get to play their home games... you know, at home.