Monday, April 30, 2007

Maybe a little less gatorade before next game.

Apparently Jason Terry, aka, "The Jet" has a bladder problem, and chooses to go to the bathroom during the National Anthem. However, the good news is that he says he means no disrespect by it. "It's just a good time to go,"

Personally I feel no matter what Terry thinks - this is a huge sign of disrespect. How can a guy walk off the floor to use the bathroom during the National Anthem and say that he means no disrespect by it? Judging by the wording in the Dallas News column, I get the impression that this isn't a one time situation. It seems as if this has happened numerously, acutally - I get the assumption it happens at every home game. I think Jason Terry, who was born in Seattle, needs to re-evaluate what is disrespectful and pay our Country the Honor and Respect she deserves, and find a different time to take his pre-game wiz.

But more importantly, how is Terry even allowed to do this and get away with this? How is there not a policy that states that all players must remain on the floor and showing signs of respect during this time of the pre-game? If Stern is really serious about the image of the NBA, you would think this would be high on his priority list.


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