Monday, April 23, 2007

Steve Nash Shoots with One Hand, Pushes off with the Other

This picture was on's home page for the recap of the Lakers/Suns game. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? I watched a grand total of about 10 minutes of yesterday's Lakers/Suns game and I bet a saw Nash push off with his off hand at least 2 or 3 times - mostly while driving the lane or attempting to go around a defender. I realize that he is the 2 time reigning MVP, but I'm sorry - It might just be me - but I hate the fact that veteran/star players get better treatment (well, all but Tim Duncan) then other players. It's the double standard that bugs me and in my opinion takes away some of the NBA's credibility. I hope this is the type of activity D-Stern is referring to as zero-tolerance (see below). I don't see why reigning MVP's get better treatment then rookies. What is this, the WWE? Are they trying to set up Summer Slam in Dallas? Well, apparently they need to let the refs down there know because they forgot to let Dallas win yesterday. In all reality - it sounds like the Suns deserved to win because of the clutch play by Leandro Barbosa - and I'm not taking anything away from Steve Nash's mad skills - I mean, he can shoot lights out. However, I do think he routinely gets away with pushing off - as shown in the picture above.