Monday, January 28, 2008

Breaking: Tony Parker Flops!

Well... file this one in the "things we already knew" category. Eva Longario has admitted that her husband Tony Parker takes the occasional flop to draw a foul. She says...

"Sometimes he acts to get the flagrant foul or, to sell the foul more, he'll throw himself on the floor and really play it up more than what it is. "I really don't know what the difference is so I'm like, 'Stop laying on the ground if you're not hurt. Just get up!' He's like, 'Honey, I have to stay on the ground sometimes.'

As we have discussed before around here, the NBA once considered calling a technical foul for a blatent flop. Flopping has become a disgrace in various sports but it has also become part of the game. It is coached, practiced and made an art by some NBA players (Vlade!). In fact, during the Indiana/Georgetown game on Saturday afternoon, Billy Packer actually suggested that one of the players should have flopped in order to get the call. It truly is getting ridiculous, and I wish the NBA could control it better, but Eva did nothing but confirm what we already know.

The funniest part about the picture above? Not only does the picture go perfect with the quote from Eva, but Steve Nash --- who is still standing! --- ended up looking like this after that collision:


jsuns1 said...

shows what me as a Steve Nash fan already knew, he is classy, and parker and many of the spurs and other nba players are not. Sad.

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