Saturday, January 26, 2008

Super Bowl Fun

I caught this little tidbit while reading the Ladies... guide to "How not to throw a Super Bowl Party". The fun times guide gives you this idea to make the game just a little more exciting:

Make your own yellow penalty flags to throw when a brazen penalty occurs, the ref misses a penalty call, the ref makes a bad call, or for any reason at all! Can you imagine all those yellow flags flying around your party?

Just the thought of this makes me rub my face in disgust while laughing. As if we all need yellow flags and red flags to throw around. If you have someone at your party that would throws a red flag - you can point them to the review both right outside the front door.

Oh... and in case you're interested the fun times guide also included instructions on how to make your very own yellow flag:

Purchase or find: Yellow fabric such as linen or nylon, rubber bouncing balls about 1" diameter, and rubber bands.

Cut the fabric into rectangles that are about 1 foot by 1 1/2 feet.

Place the bouncing ball in the middle of the fabric.

Pull up all four sides of the fabric together.

Wrap a rubber band around the fabric to cinch the ball in place. You may need to wrap the rubber band around several times to ensure a tight fit.

Enjoy the game friends...


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