Monday, January 28, 2008

Daily Links

Not much happening in the world of sports over the weekend. Tiger was Tiger and the NBA provided us with 2 great games on ABC, but it was Tom Brady who stole the headlines by not limping. That's the country we live in folks.

I saw Cloverfield on Saturday night, but wasn't too impressed.

Some good links today, a few "no calls" during some big College Basketball games and the SEC Head of Officials responds to some questionable calls that were made last week. Enjoy...

Even though SEC fans would disagree, Head of Officials says recent calls were mostly correct (*

Heckling referees or opposing players at games proves nothing (indianastatesman)

Odom was so frustrated that he fired the ball the length of the court in the direction of referees Tony Brothers and Ed Malloy as the Lakers called time out. (OC Register)

The No. 24 ASU men's basketball team lost 56-55 to No. 6 Washington State Saturday, with the game's final play resulting in a no-call after Harden drew contact on what could have been a game-winning drive to the bucket.(AsuWebDevil)

Referee Mike Callahan delayed Lakers/Cavs game because of heavy leakage from the roofers wet clothes! (MyFOXLA)

During the Senior Bowl, Oklahoma State WR Adarius Bowman caught a pass in the endzone, but the referees ruled that he hadn’t maintained possession, even though replays showed Bowman getting two feet in bounds before losing the ball. (Pro Football Weekly)

WVU players and fans are still wondering why the officials didn’t look at the replay of Butler’s last-gasp shot to determine whether it was a legitimate block by Ewing or goaltending. (Martinsburg Journal News)

All Time Super Bowl Head Officials (Burt Talks Sports)

* Interesting couple of paragraphs from this article:

Whether coaches, players or fans agree with the calls, Gerald Boudreaux wants it known that the referees are held accountable.

Referees receive a DVD of each game they work. Referees are asked to mark particular calls as correct, incorrect or inconclusive.

An observer attends each game. Referees participate in a 30-minute conference call every other week to talk about calls. Attendance is mandatory and checked.

Calls are judged. Calls in the final minutes or seconds of games are judged separately. The SEC doesn't have a pass/fail standard that must be met, but Boudreaux suggested that the league wants "about 94 percent" of the calls to be correct.

In his three years as the SEC coordinator of men's officials, Boudreaux has fired 14 referees.

"I don't say that as bragging," he said. "There is accountability. If guys don't cut it, they don't stay."

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