Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Daily Links

Ask the Ref: Former ref Jerry Markbreit answers questions like "Do Super Bowl officials get a ring?"

NCAA and the power conferences seek better officiating. I hope the Big Ten is the first to upgrade - USA TODAY attempts to answer this question: "I wanted to get your opinion on the concept of "advantage" when it comes to hoops officiating. I'm a season ticket holder at Cal, and it seems like there is an increasing amount of calls being made in the Pac-10 on actions that I would not even characterize as "impediments." I love the fact in soccer that officials will put away their whistles unless a play creates a distinct advantage for the team committing the foul. Is there any similar concept preached to NCAA officials, and if not, do you think there should or should not be some kind of application of the advantage rule?"

College Football to adopt a few NFL timing rules? For example, clock stops on a first down.... maybe not for long. The Exponent

Refs fail to show up for Jr. College Game. Hey, doesn't that just make the game more enjoyable for fans? Aiken Standard

Kansas hopes that tonights game is not affected by disputed referee calls.