Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Daily Links

Here's a few links to keep you going through the afternoon:

Baylor 116, Texas A&M 110 (5OT) The teams combined to shoot more than 100 free throws, with Baylor going 39-of-47 and A&M making 36-of-59.
The game lasted so long that even one of the referees got confused. In the break before the start of the fourth overtime, a referee approached a member of the media and asked if triple overtime was about to begin. When told it was four, he shook his head and walked off.

The NCAA could consider Anthony a friend who gave Mayo the tickets rather than a representative of the Nuggets, perhaps making the matter legal by NCAA standards. I don't know how that works, do they have to provide proof they have hung out before?

Kentucky fans - excited about beating Tennessee, still complain about the officiating - - "The referees were absolutely horrible on both sides. They missed a lot of calls, including on Kentucky. The intentional foul call on Derrick Jasper is the worst call I have ever seen."

Patriots Tight End Ben Watson promotes the gift of giving. “It’s simply giving, taking what you have and passing it on to somebody else,” Watson actually sounds like a good guy, I didn't realize anyone on the Patriots actually had compassion towards other people... hmmm, you learn something new everyday.

Red Sox to wear EMC ads on uniforms

March Madness on demand - back for 2008. The first week of thursday/friday games are possibly the two greatest "work sporting events" of the year. Sign up today to get your VIP pass to watch live on your computer. And yes, they even have the boss button.

Mets are in the drivers seat to land Johan Santana, and did they just add Ryan Church to the deal?

Sad story: Heath Ledger Had Six Prescription Drugs Nearby

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