Friday, January 18, 2008

Expect of Lot of Dirty Play at Lambeau

The Packers are claiming the Giants are dirty players. In an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal Giants Center Shaun O'Hara is accused of being a little too physical.

"With 3:22 remaining in the Packers' 35-13 victory at Giants Stadium, Kampman was blocked to the ground by Giants center Shaun O'Hara. As backup quarterback Jared Lorenzen was sacked, Kampman started to get up when O'Hara delivered a forceful forearm to the back of Kampman's neck."

What's worse, even Patriots Safety Rodney Harrison (one of the leagues dirtiest players by reputation) agreed with the Packers accusations and had this to add:.

"I'm going to tell you, we saw it on film," New England Patriots safety Rodney Harrison said after facing the Giants in the regular-season finale. "It wasn't no secret. They push, they hit late, they come at you and try to take you out. That's the way they play."

"It wasn't no secret". Rodney needs to work on his double negatives.

Now, how does this affect the Officiating? If McCauley will indeed be the head official (see below), then this may be a good thing for Packer fans. Why you ask? Well... McAulay ranks "number one in calling the largest percentage of penalties and penalty yards against visiting teams (59% by penalties and 60% by penalty yards)! On average 18.9 more penalty yards against visiting teams per game than against home teams."

Hopefully McCauley and crew will be able to keep the dirtyness to a minimum on Sunday, but I'm sure - especially if the Giants fall behind - we can expect to see some added intensity in their players to try and get them back in the game. That added intensity may result in a few personal foul flags if the Giants aren't careful.

By the way, if you recall... The Giants may have had a good reason to be a little dirty during the Patriots game.

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