Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Daily Links

The NFL issued a record 4786 media credentials to cover Media Day today. I'm sure that we will get a few funny, but ridiculous stories to come out of Phoenix. My guess is that all the "Late Night" Shows are there so if you want some comedy, watch Leno or Letterman tonight, or better yet - Jon Stewart's The Daily Show.

A pretty slow night in the NBA last night, just four games going on. The Hornets proved why they are sitting atop the NBA power rankings. There was plenty of complaining going on by the Spurs during their loss in Utah last night. Ume Idoka had 10 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 technicals for the Spurs. Guess they weren't getting the calls they're used to getting. Hmmm... wonder why? (AP, Slam Online)

The reason the Patriots will win Super Bowl XLII is because the referees are on their side. (Bleacher Report)

European's take their officiating seriously. This columnist wants referees to have to take lie detector tests... first question: 'are you instructed to favour the bigger clubs or does it just happen naturally?' (Peter Borough Today)

Last month, Randy Bruns completed the "triple crown" in officiating when he headed up an all-Iowa crew as the referee at the Division III football championship game in Salem, Va. - the third sport in which he worked a national collegiate championship event. (Desmoine Register)

Mike Carey, Super Bowl Official, is a Dirty Ref.

Your Tuesday night NBA officials (

The Pillsbury Doughboy does the Super Bowl Shuffle.

By the way - our next post will be the 100th in the history of Awful Officiating!