Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jeff Van Gundy Still Likes to Complain about the Refs...

Jeff Van Gundy is one of my favorite Basketball announcers. You can tell he is a "coach at heart", because he still complains about the refs as if he is still roaming the sidelines. Of course, this is the guy who once tossed out the idea of the NBA being involved in something known as a conspiracy theory... THE NERVE! But at the same time, being an announcer in tonights Bulls/Warriors game, there is plenty to complain about. The officiating crew of Brian Forte, Steve Javie and Derek Richardson has been absolutely brutal, blowing calls on both ends of the court. There are charges that should be called blocking, clean blocks that should be no calls, a guy who was out of bounds and didn't get both feet back in bounds was allowed to gain possesion of the ball, all in the 4th quarter alone. NBA officials have to have one of the most difficult job in the world but something tells me that Van Gundy could do a pretty good job.