Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Playoff Ref Roundup

To recap the Playoffs, here were the Refs that called each game:

Wild Card Weekend:
Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh - Scott Green
Tennessee @ San Diego - Ed Hochuli
Washington @ Seattle - Walt Coleman
New York @ Tampa Bay - Walt Anderson

Divisional Playoff Weekend:
Seahawks @ Green Bay - Mike Carey
Jaguars @ Patriots - Jerome Boger
Chargers @ Colts - Gerald Austin
Giants @ Cowboys - Peter Morelli

Championship Game Weekend:
Chargers @ Patriots - Jeff Triplette
Giants @ Packers - Terry McAulay

Super Bowl
Giants vs. Patriots - Mike Carey

Mike Carey wins the award for Ref with the best merits. I'm not sure exactly what those merits are, but he is lucky one who was chosen. Interesting point made by commenter "Milehigh", last year's head official during the Super Bowl, Tony Corrente, was not even chosen for one playoff game. His 2007 crew was the exact same as his 2006 crew except they had a different side judge. Doug Toole was his side judge during 2006, where as in 2007 Corrente's sude judge was Dyrol Prioleau. It looks like 2007 was Prioleau's first year in the league. 6 other regular officials also did not work a playoff game. They are:

Bill Carollo - 18 yrs experience
Bill Leavy - 12 yrs experience
Larry Nemmers - 22 yrs experience
John Parry - 7 yrs experience
Gene Staratore - 4 yrs experience
Ron Winter - 12 yrs experience
and, of course...
Tony Corrente - 12 yrs experience


MileHigh said...

In doing a little bit of digging/research, it should be noted that Mike Carey is the only referee to have gotten at least one playoff assignment every year since the 2001 season.

Ed Hochuli has done a playoff game every year but one (2006 season) since 2001. No other referee/white hat has been as consistent getting playoff assignments as Hochuli and Carey.

Carey has worked seven straight years in the playoffs; Walt Anderson has worked a playoff game four straight years (all wild-card games, one conference championship game); Terry McAulay has worked four straight years in the playoffs (three conference championship games and one Super Bowl) and five of six (missed 2003, did conference championship game in 2002); and Peter Morrelli has worked four straight years years in the playoffs (three divisional games, one wild card). Only other one with three straight is Jeff Triplette.

And Corrente is the first referee to do a Super Bowl the previous year and not get a playoff assignment the next year since 2001.

Riggs said...

Good stuff MH. Thanks for the input. Your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated!

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